Intelligent Impact

Technology to reduce the costs of giving and receiving for maximum impact and business return.


The Challenges We Solve

We've worked closely with companies, charities and community groups to deliver new technology that makes giving simple, beautiful and rewarding. Getting set-up takes minutes, not weeks or months.




Cost of giving

For Companies
Researching charities and finding projects, receiving applications, undertaking approvals and due diligence, communicating, capturing media, content and impact.

Cost of receiving

For Charities
Finding corporate donors, submitting applications, understanding corporate objectives and requirements, sharing  content, measuring and reporting impact.

impact reporting

For Companies & Charities
Agreeing ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs) or impact metrics; monitoring and measuring KPIs; reporting KPIs in a consistent and structured format.

business return

For Companies
Realising the full business value of your giving; quantifying value to stakeholders within the business; involving and engaging consumers, clients and employees.


of the total annual donation budget is typically spent on administration.


of CSR Managers say that the administrative burden of giving restructs their ability to donate.


of charity applications don’t meet basic eligibility criteria.

How We Solve Them

A software-as-a-service solution, requiring no IT integration, with full support to get you started and keep you going.


You and Your Charities Together

BizGive provides a common platform for companies and charities to meet and work together. This reduces your need to use multiple platforms to perform different functions.

A Single Hub For Everything

Your due diligence material, applications, communications, content, media, donation reporting and impact in one place. With reminders when you or your charities need to take action.

Automating Manual Tasks

Due diligence checks, application verifications, application status, tracking and storing, content and media exchange, alerts, reminders and more.

One Place for All Your Geographies

Enterprise ready, built for multiple users in multiple locations so you can manage and measure your giving and impact globally and locally.

Enterprise Ready

A scalable, secure and customisable software-as-a-service solution that can grow with you, your team and your company.

Beautiful Engaging Content

BizGive gathers beautiful and engaging content for you, so you can share great stories with your employees, customers and clients.

Our Approach

For profit, for purpose.

BizGive invests in developing advanced technology to enable our customers to make the biggest impact possible.

Modern Technology

Our technology couples an intuitive user experience with powerful, modern software.

Start Now

Annual subscription for Companies & Grant Giving entities. Free for charitable entities.

Our Technology


Giving Manager

Save time and realise tangible value to your business.

Popular Features

Assisted Due Diligence
Application Screening
Impact Content and Data


Stakeholder Engagement

Engage your clients, customers and employees.

Popular Features

Impact Content Feed
Stakeholder Voting
Stakeholder Insights


Giving Manager

Increase your efficiency and find corporate donors.

Popular Features

Connect to Multiple Corporates
Create Opportunities for Support
Send Fast Applications

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Instantly book a slot for an online demo.

4 Hidden Costs of Giving and Receiving

There’s a hidden cost to giving and receiving. The extent to which is not always fully recognised. Yet awareness of these costs can dramatically improve operational efficiencies for both charities and companies alike, making donations more impactful and relationships more rewarding.

Tech Start-up Offers Free Platform to Help Businesses and Communities Unite

11th May 2020 — Tech start-up BizGive is offering companies, charities and community groups free access to its new online service that enables them to easily connect and share support through the current COVID-19 outbreak.

5 Ways to Make an Impact Without Cash

Every company is a powerhouse of knowledge and talent, which means there are countless ways you can support your country and community in times of crisis, without spending a single penny.

Calling on Companies to Support Nonprofits

BizGive joins the call for the Government to support nonprofits. Yet we’re also calling on businesses and it doesn’t have to be cash. Any support you can give, whether it’s skills-sharing or in-kind, is valuable.

An 1800’s Italian migration and the health benefits of community…

Working from home can blur the lines between work and play, which in a start-up is business as usual. Finding time to read a book is a great way to make this divide and my current book is ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell.

Covid-19: Free Product Release

Our Giving Manager platform is being made free to companies as well as charities to support our community during this difficult time. Register your interest to join our beta launch in the coming weeks.

How Can CSR Data Power Targeted Marketing?

Conscious consumerism is rising, transforming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into a powerful marketing ally. Here’s why data from your CSR campaigns is immensely valuable to marketing and product teams.

Where’s the Waste in Giving?

60 percent of UK small and medium-sized businesses donate to charity every year and nearly all the FTSE 100 (98 percent). Why?