Intelligent Impact Technology

Bringing companies and charities together for maximum impact at minimum cost.


Maximise Your Impact

Technology to simplify giving, magnify impact and engage your stakeholders. 

Free for charities. Subscription access for companies.

Do Things Differently

Save Time

Scalable and secure technology that makes your giving quick and easy, releasing valuable internal resources you can use elsewhere. 

Return Value

Content and data delivered to your inbox, when you need it. Our technology ensures you get the content you want and the data you need, to amplify and grow your impact.

Join a Focussed Community

BizGive is a closed platform of committed givers and active receivers. This helps ensure high-quality content and professional, impactful partnerships.

Gain a Team Member

Customisable software, with no IT integration needed. Our advanced yet intuitive technology can grow as you grow, operating in the background to make your giving as smooth as possible.

Support Local

Free for charities*, our technology is designed to make accessing and working with companies quick, easy and sustainable for organisations of any size.

*Excluding grant-giving entities.



Giving Manager

Software that saves you time and shows tangible value to your business.

Popular Features

Assisted Due Diligence
Automated Application Screening
Impact Content and Data


Stakeholder Engagement

Technology that helps you interact with your stakeholders to learn what they love.

Popular Features

Impact Content Feed
Stakeholder Voting
Stakeholder Insights 


Giving Manager

Software to help increase efficiency, raise more support and strengthen your impact.

Popular Features

Connect to Multiple Corporates
Create Opportunities for Support
Send Fast Applications

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Calling on Companies to Support Nonprofits

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Working from home can blur the lines between work and play, which in a start-up is business as usual. Finding time to read a book is a great way to make this divide and my current book is ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell.

Covid-19: Free Product Release

Our Giving Manager platform is being made free to companies as well as charities to support our community during this difficult time. Register your interest to join our beta launch in the coming weeks.

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Conscious consumerism is rising, transforming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into a powerful marketing ally. Here’s why data from your CSR campaigns is immensely valuable to marketing and product teams.

Where’s the Waste in Giving?

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