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Technology to create and deliver impact strategies for maximum societal, environmental and organisational growth.


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Create an impact strategy that is topical and relevant to society, your organisation and its stakeholders.


Strategic Insights    •    Data

Strategic Insights

BizGive helps you find the sweet spot between your goals, values and stakeholders, ensuring your impact strategy resonates at every touchpoint.


  • AI impact theme audit
  • Cause matchmaking algorithm
  • Stakeholder voting
  • Discover through public applications


Capture data from your existing impact strategy to inform your next one.

  • Impact dashboard
  • Application analytics
  • Content engagement


Manage every project and partnership in one place, sharing workflows across multiple teams from sustainability to marketing, customer insights and reporting.


Learning Partnerships    •    Strategic Partnerships    •    Community Investments    •    Grants Programmes

Learning Partnerships

Use BizGive to create learning programmes, connecting to impact makers that can help you to understand new markets, themes or key societal issues, locally or globally.

  • Discover impact makers and opportunities
  • Set KPIs and track progress
  • Collaborate and share documents
  • Capture actionable learnings, such as workshops or site visits

Strategic Partnerships

Use BizGive to form strategic relationships with impact makers, working together to raise awareness of your work and solve challenges you cannot solve alone.

  • Pitches from impact makers
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Consumer awareness
  • Events

Community Investments

Use BizGive to deliver community investment programmes, inviting local groups to share their opportunities with you.

  • Create localised programmes
  • Align to the UN SDG framework
  • Invite committees to shortlist, vote and approve applications
  • Share feedback with applicants
  • Track decision-making for auditability
  • Manage all communications

Grants Programmes

Create multiple support programmes, structuring your impact into distinct streams based on your criteria and resources. Make applications part of your impact with tools to assist your applicants.

  • Funding, in-kind or volunteering programmes
  • Align to the UN SDG framework
  • Share programmes publicly
  • Intelligent applications validated against criteria
  • Matchmaking algorithm
  • Shortlist, vote and approve applications


Give your impact makers the tools and support they need to structure and share their impact with you in a standardised way, for easy and powerful reporting.


Quantitative Impact    •    Qualitative Impact

Quantitative Impact

Our impact calculator provides a simple yet flexible tool for impact measurement, with data captured in a consistent, structured format every time.

  • Designed with impact makers and funders, large and small
  • UN SDG alignment
  • Measure social and environmental KPIs
  • Track progress

Qualitative Impact

Use BizGive to capture high-quality, copyrighted content and media from your impact makers in a consistent, structured format.

  • One place for all your content
  • Search or filter by themes such as UN SDGs
  • Download, edit and share
  • Customisable content templates
  • Share access with other teams


An impact management platform to deliver content that inspires your audience and drives results. Use content to expand your impact by engaging stakeholders to spread awareness.


Content Marketing    •    Content Creation    •    ESG Data & Analytics

Content Marketing

Use BizGive to capture consistently high-quality content for your marketing and customer teams.

  • Customisable content templates
  • Download, edit and share
  • Media galleries, with captions and copyrights
  • Share access with other teams
  • Set deadlines with automated reminders
  • Search content by themes like UN SDGs

Content Creation

Tap into our network of journalists who have over a decade of experience writing for brands including the UNFCCC, Bloomberg, Forbes and Twitter.

  • Digital storytelling
  • Blogs, interviews
  • SEO content

ESG Data & Analytics

Understand where you can make the biggest difference so you can keep your strategy relevant and fresh.

  • Impact dashboard
  • Application analytics
  • Content engagement
  • ESG Data for impact reporting aligned to UN SDGs with quantifiable KPIs

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BizGive is fantastic for connecting your charity giving to your consumers, to deepen engagement and understand what they really care about. At Pukka, we donate at least 1% of our turnover to environmental charities – since 2016, we’ve given more than £1.5 million – and BizGive helped us involve consumers in our giving.

BizGive took the effort out of managing multiple charity relationships and the insights we gathered on our consumer preferences surprised us!

Vicky Murray

Sustainability Lead, Pukka Herbs

BizGive not only makes your impact stronger by significantly reducing the administrative burden for you and your charity partners, but it also brings it to life making it visual and engaging for our employees and partners. We consider BizGive to be part of our impact as it benefits our charity partners as much as it benefits us.

Chris Taylor

Managing Director, Forte Securities

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