Intelligent Impact

BizGive is for organisations who believe that People, Planet and Profit can be in harmony.

To solve the biggest challenges of tomorrow, this balance must be found today.


Re-defining how organisations impact


Strong Organisations Make a Stronger Impact

Lasting impact is only truly achieved when organisations are successful.


Impact is More Than Donating Money or Time

It’s about directing your unique resources to where they can make the biggest difference.


Intelligent Impact is Focused on Purpose not Process

A smarter system to reduce wasted resources and strengthen impact.

BizGive is an Intelligent Impact Platform

Discover partners, implement strategy, manage and measure your impact for societal, environmental and business value.

customer motivation analysis

For Organisations

Corporates, SMEs, foundations and family offices

The BizGive Platform gives you the tools to manage your external impact with partners, solving societal and environmental issues you cannot solve alone.

From charitable grants to partnerships and campaigns, our Platform supports the end-to-end partnership process.

Customer motivation analysis

For Impact Partners

Nonprofits, community groups and social enterprises

The BizGive Platform provides tools to make working with supporting organisations easy and effortless, while providing a marketing engine for your continued growth.

Our Platform is optimised for exposing your opportunities to the ‘right’ supporters and streamlining your collaboration.

Realise maximum impact and business value, aligned to your purpose and your stakeholders 


Understand where your organisation can make the biggest difference. Discover impact makers and portfolios that match your values and align to your objectives.


Make more from what you already have by implementing your impact efficiently and strategically. Our Platform cuts waste and extracts value for you and your partners.

Qualitative Impact

Make your impact go even further by capturing and sharing beautiful stories with your customers, employees and shareholders. Great for you and your partners.



Quantitative Impact

Capture impact data from your partners in a consistent, structured format for easier reporting that’s aligned to global frameworks.

BizGive is fantastic for connecting your charity giving to your consumers, to deepen engagement and understand what they really care about. At Pukka, we donate at least 1% of our turnover to environmental charities – since 2016, we’ve given more than ¬£1.5 million – and BizGive helped us involve consumers in our giving.

BizGive took the effort out of managing multiple charity relationships and the insights we gathered on our consumer preferences surprised us!

Vicky Murray

Sustainability Lead, Pukka Herbs

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