The Divi App

Interact With Your Stakeholders

Involve your customers and employees in your impact, understand what they love and personalise your communications, with BizGive’s Stakeholder Engagement tools.

Stakeholder Engagement

Simple tools to connect your giving to your stakeholders values, so you can grow awareness of important issues and strengthen your impact.

Grow Stronger Bonds

Make your employees and customers part of your impact by supporting the causes they love, using BizGive’s Voting Tool.

Boost Your Social Presence

Grow awareness of important causes by enabling your stakeholders to share the causes they love on social media.

Make Your Impact Tangible

Localise your impact to the communities where your customers and employees live to make it relevant and tangible.

Personalise Your Giving

Continually personalise your giving to what your employees and customers care about most, with your own Content Feed. 

Take a Data-Driven Approach

Capture data on what your stakeholders love and how it changes over time and across geography and use it to guide your strategy.

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