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Organise all your giving activities and communications in one place; automatically track every interaction and capture the content and impact data you want, when you need it.

Your Giving Manager makes your giving hands free so you can be hands on.

Free for all of your charities. Free for you to get started.

Company Giving Manager

Modern technology to make your giving fast to implement, easy to measure and powerful to market.

Application Screening

Set your eligibility criteria, requirements and timelines and connect only to charities that match.


Centralised Due Diligence

Capture due diligence material in one place, perform quick checks or send a message for more details.

Slick Communications

Replace emails with a messaging system that automatically organises your communications, ensuring nothing gets missed or lost.


Easy Reporting

Set deadlines for charity reports, define the type of cause content and data you need and receive reports in a single structured format.

Unified Strategy

Implement, manage and measure your giving globally and locally; understand the needs and behaviour of different geographies.

Capture Impact Data

Monitor and measure your giving and wider impact; understand how it changes over time and by geography and continually optimise it.


Create Programmes, Receive Opportunities

Add giving programmes detailing the type support you can provide, your deadlines, criteria and requirements. 

Share your programmes and receive applications, or keep your programmes private and invite opportunities to join.

Make quick decisions by capturing everything you need from charities in one place, including due diligence material, content and data.

Applications – Invitations – Assisted Due Diligence – Automated Application Screening

Communicate and Collaborate

Set programme deadlines to receive automatic reminders when actions are required by you or your charities.

Collaborate with colleagues on charity communications.

Your Giving Manager automatically organises your communications so nothing gets missed or lost.

Automated Alerts – Actions Required – Pending Response – Messaging

Receive the Content You Want

Set your content requirements and receive the content you want in the format you need.

Whether it’s quotes, stories, impact reports or social media content, control what you receive, how you receive it and when it lands in your inbox.

Share access to your content feed with colleagues, filter your content by themes, location and time, or export it for internal and external reporting and wider company campaigns.

Content Templates – Content Feed – Content Filters – Social Sharing

Data You Can Use

Your Giving Manager dashboard brings transparency to your giving, so you can ensure every contribution counts towards maximising your impact.

View itemised data on who or what you have helped, how you have helped them and the impact this has had on their lives.

Export your data,  and drop it into reports or communicate it to your investors, employees and consumers in an engaging way.

Local and Global Insights Dashboards – Report Downloader

Multi-Location, Users and Permissions

Provide local offices with their own Giving Manager that’s linked to yours and gain a complete picture of your local and global activities.

Create custom approval workflows for local coordinators, or leave them to manage their own giving, while still being able to track their activity and support their work.

Your Giving Manager allows you to use your data in a clever way to guide decision making and strategy. Capture insights on giving patterns, behaviour and engagement locally and across the globe.

Enterprise Controls – User Permissions


Stakeholder Engagement

Technology that helps you interact with your stakeholders to learn what they love.

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Impact Content Feed
Stakeholder Voting
Stakeholder Insights 


Giving Manager

Software to help increase efficiency, raise more support and strengthen your impact.

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Connect to Multiple Corporates
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