The Divi App

Time-saving technology you can use for free

Discover corporate giving programmes, send quick applications, automatically track your communications and organise your content and giving opportunities in one place for companies to view and support.

Free for Charities.*

*Excludes grant-giving entities.

Charity Giving Manager

Intuitive technology to help make your organisation more efficient, so you raise more donations and grow your impact.

Increase Visibility

Create a portfolio of opportunities for multiple companies to view and support. 


Make Rapid Applications

Discover company giving programmes and make rapid digital applications.

Communicate Flawlessly

Send messages, share documents and be notified when action is required from you.


Share your content packages with companies for them to use in their decision making.

Share Your Impact

Measure and share your impact with companies  for simple understanding and alignment to company goals.

Maximise Success

Understand what companies want before you apply, track the status of all your applications and receive feedback.


Maximise Your Impact

Turn your projects into opportunities for companies to support. Whether it’s cash, volunteers or in-kind donations, let companies know what you need and what it’s for.

Discover multiple company giving programmes and apply your opportunities to them. Or simply let companies find your opportunities and invite you to apply.

Your Giving Manager will keep track of the status of all of your opportunities, applications and invitations and notify you when anything changes. 

Profile Creation – Programme Discovery – Digital Applications & Invitations

Operate More Efficiently

Move all your corporate communications into one place. Be notified of programme deadlines and when action is required by you.

Your Giving Manager enables you to easily share documents and track conversations, so you never miss or lose important information.

Integrated Messaging – Timeline Tracking – Automated Alerts

Gain More Donations

Maximise application success by understanding what companies want before you apply. Then learn why your applications aren’t always successful, so you can continually improve and win more support.

Receive reminders and notifications whenever an action is required by you, to ensure your interactions with companies are seamless, boosting the chance that you will be funded time and again.

Interaction Workflow – Application Workflow

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