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BizGive connects you to funders, enabling you to share beautiful, compelling pitches automatically optimised for success. For free.


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Discover support programmes from funders and create beautiful, engaging applications or pitches using a consistent format every time.


Intelligent Applications    •    Opportunity Pitches

Intelligent Applications

Create visual applications that are automatically cross-checked against funder criteria to increase your chances of success.

  • Find grant, in-kind or volunteering programmes
  • Create compelling applications using a simple, structured template
  • Your entity profile is automatically submitted with every application
  • Automatic verification of your applications against funder criteria
  • Automated notifications when action is required

Opportunity Pitches

Create cash, in-kind or volunteering opportunities that funders can discover and invite to their programmes.

  • Create multiple opportunities that need support
  • Share details on the support you need and how you plan to use it
  • Bring opportunities to life with beautiful imagery
  • Receive invitations from interested funders
  • Automated alerts of relevant new programmes


Communicate and collaborate with all your funders in one place. Share messages, create stunning visual content in easy templates, track impact and capture feedback to learn and grow.


Track Progress    •    Qualitative Impact    •    Quantitative Impact    

Track Progress

Track the status of your applications and opportunity pitches, interacting directly with your funders for feedback.

  • Receive feedback and edit your applications
  • Send and receive messages from funders
  • Alerts when applications are approved
  • Notifications when action is required by you

Qualitative Impact

Receive notifications when funders request an update or report and use BizGive to create beautiful, engaging content in simple, structured templates.

  • Create case studies with images
  • Add a media gallery, with captions and coprights
  • Share achievements and learnings
  • Receive feedback and edit your content

Quantitative Impact

Use BizGive’s simple, step-by-step impact tracker to structure, measure and share your impact goals with funders.

  • Create impact objectives and indicators for every opportunity
  • Set milestones and monitor progress
  • Share updates with funders and receive feedback
  • Edit and update your objectives

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BizGive is fantastic for connecting your charity giving to your consumers, to deepen engagement and understand what they really care about. At Pukka, we donate at least 1% of our turnover to environmental charities – since 2016, we’ve given more than £1.5 million – and BizGive helped us involve consumers in our giving.

BizGive took the effort out of managing multiple charity relationships and the insights we gathered on our consumer preferences surprised us!

Vicky Murray

Sustainability Lead, Pukka Herbs

BizGive not only makes your impact stronger by significantly reducing the administrative burden for you and your charity partners, but it also brings it to life making it visual and engaging for our employees and partners. We consider BizGive to be part of our impact as it benefits our charity partners as much as it benefits us.

Chris Taylor

Managing Director, Forte Securities

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