The Divi App

Maximise Your Impact

Form high-value partnerships that make a long-term difference to the world and your business.

BizGive’s end-to-end platform brings you and your partners together, providing tools to connect, measure and track your impact in a consistent, structured way. For easier reporting and communications.



The BizGive Platform

Application Screening

Set your eligibility criteria, requirements and timelines and connect only to impact makers that match.


Centralised Due Diligence

Capture due diligence material in one place, perform quick checks or send a message for more details.

Slick Communications

Replace emails with a messaging system that automatically organises your communications, ensuring nothing gets missed or lost.


Qualitative Impact

Receive beautiful content that your communications team can share across your digital channels.

Quantitative Impact

Give your partners a common impact measurement tool and receive data in a consistent format for easier reporting.


Unified Strategy

Implement, manage and measure your impact globally and locally; understand the needs and behaviour of different geographies.

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