The Divi App

Time-saving technology you can use for free

Discover support programmes, send quick applications, share content and measure your impact all in one place.

The BizGive Platform brings you and your supporters together to make connecting and sharing easier, so you can focus on making an impact.


The BizGive Platform

Increase Visibility

Create a portfolio of opportunities for organisations to view and support. 


Optimise Applications

Make rapid applications automatically verified against programme criteria.

Communicate Flawlessly

Send messages, share documents and be notified when action is required from you.


Share your content with organisations in beautiful, engaging formats that they can use to raise awareness.

Track Your Impact

Measure your impact, track progress and share it with supporting organisations in a consistent, structured format.


Maximise Success

Understand what organisations want before you apply, track the status of all your applications and receive feedback.

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