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There is a cost of giving and a cost of receiving. This often holds companies and charities back from realising their full potential.

That’s why we created a platform to bring companies and charities together, to make giving easy, engaging and more powerful.

Our mission is to use modern technology to focus support on the cause and not the process, delivering maximum impact for everyone.


Our Platform

BizGive’s Giving Manager and Stakeholder Engagement tools save you time and money, increasing your impact and returning value to your company. 

Intelligent Giving

BizGive’s Giving Manager has everything you need to run high impact giving programmes, that are quick to implement and return value to your team.

For Companies and free for Charities

Stakeholder Engagement

BizGive’s Stakeholder Engagement technology enables you to listen to the societal and environmental issues that matter to your employees and customers, and turn these insights into action.

For Companies.

Management Team

Louise Downing

Founder & CEO

Louise has over a decade of experience in the sustainability sector, starting as an analyst and journalist for New Energy Finance before transitioning to Bloomberg News to cover renewable energy. She has appeared on Bloomberg Television as part of their daily New Energy segment and continues to write about sustainability for some of the world’s largest brands.

Key Passion
Nature. My mother once said to me ‘upset the balance of nature, and you upset all things’.  The natural world not only sustains life, it’s vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet this is easily forgotten and the balance is tipping against us.


Alex Pengilly

Co-Founder & Product

Alex has 10+ experience in technology, starting at the fintech Bloomberg before entering the start-up world to continue building user-centric tools with artificial intelligence and text analytics across several companies. He has participated in several UK Government AI Trade Missions with an aim of sharing knowledge and using tech for good.

Key Passion
The oceans. The last open vast resource ‘free’ for all, is being squandered, polluted by plastics to warming. We must do more. I spend as much time as possible surfing in the cold UK water. The damage is something I have seen and felt first-hand in the UK and abroad.

Advisory Board

Shortly to be announced…

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4 Hidden Costs of Giving and Receiving

There’s a hidden cost to giving and receiving. The extent to which is not always fully recognised. Yet awareness of these costs can dramatically improve operational efficiencies for both charities and companies alike, making donations more impactful and relationships more rewarding.

Tech Start-up Offers Free Platform to Help Businesses and Communities Unite

11th May 2020 — Tech start-up BizGive is offering companies, charities and community groups free access to its new online service that enables them to easily connect and share support through the current COVID-19 outbreak.

5 Ways to Make an Impact Without Cash

Every company is a powerhouse of knowledge and talent, which means there are countless ways you can support your country and community in times of crisis, without spending a single penny.

Calling on Companies to Support Nonprofits

BizGive joins the call for the Government to support nonprofits. Yet we’re also calling on businesses and it doesn’t have to be cash. Any support you can give, whether it’s skills-sharing or in-kind, is valuable.

An 1800’s Italian migration and the health benefits of community…

Working from home can blur the lines between work and play, which in a start-up is business as usual. Finding time to read a book is a great way to make this divide and my current book is ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell.

Covid-19: Free Product Release

Our Giving Manager platform is being made free to companies as well as charities to support our community during this difficult time. Register your interest to join our beta launch in the coming weeks.

How Can CSR Data Power Targeted Marketing?

Conscious consumerism is rising, transforming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into a powerful marketing ally. Here’s why data from your CSR campaigns is immensely valuable to marketing and product teams.

Where’s the Waste in Giving?

60 percent of UK small and medium-sized businesses donate to charity every year and nearly all the FTSE 100 (98 percent). Why?