11th May 2020 — Tech start-up BizGive is offering companies, charities and community groups free access to its new online service that enables them to easily connect and share support through the current COVID-19 outbreak.

The Giving ManagerTM from BizGive is the first online platform to unite companies, charities and community groups in one place, so that they can discover each other and directly collaborate on opportunities. Designed for organisations of all sizes, the platform supports a range of activities from sharing skills and talents, to in-kind donations and cash. 

‘BizGive recognises that there is a cost to both giving and receiving,’ said Louise Downing, BizGive’s Founder. ‘Our mission is to support organisations in maximising their impact, by cutting these costs and returning value. As the nation emerges from lockdown, the ability for companies and charities to unite and rebuild the economy and society is more important than ever. The Giving ManagerTM makes this easier for everyone.’

There are many companies that want to help yet don’t know where to start, or who question the impact their contribution will make. Similarly, charities and community groups are often in desperate need of support but have limited resources to dedicate to finding company giving programmes, sending applications and managing communications. 

The Giving ManagerTM from BizGive allows companies to:

  • Discover projects from local charity and community groups to support.
  • Set-up digital programmes and receive applications.
  • Communicate and collaborate on joint projects.  
  • Receive impact content and monitor and record project impact.

Charities and community groups can benefit through: 

  • Discovering local and national companies to work with.
  • Posting multiple projects for support, be it in-kind, cash or volunteering.
  • Applying to company support schemes and tracking application progress.
  • Managing all corporate support, communications and content sharing in one place.

BizGive’s Giving ManagerTM is being launched today. Always free for charitable organisations, this release will also be free for companies for the next 2-month period. Thereafter, companies can maintain their existing connections on BizGive for free.

About BizGive

BizGive is a technology start-up with a mission to support organisations in strengthening their impact by cutting the costs of giving, receiving and to return value. Built using the latest technology, BizGive’s flagship Giving ManagerTM platform is fast, modern and easy to use. The Giving ManagerTM is the culmination of more than 2 years of primary research with UK and international companies and charities to identify sector challenges and opportunities.


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