Every company is a powerhouse of knowledge and talent, which means there are countless ways you can support your country and community in times of crisis, without spending a single penny.

It can be easy to write a cheque if you have the money; much harder to offer your time or skills (unless you’re furloughed). Yet the latter can be so much more rewarding both to you and your recipient. Here are 5 ways to give back without donating cash.

Your Time

Time is everyone’s most precious asset. If you have any spare capacity, why not feel good by offering it to a cause in need? It can be as simple as an hour a week on the phone to an elderly and isolated member of the community, to cheer them up and give them someone to talk to.

Your Skills

Every individual has their own skills and talents to offer. Perhaps you can support a local charity or community group in effective remote working; or maybe you can offer your marketing talent or accounting prowess.

Your Employees

If you have employees with spare capacity, ask them if and how they want to help. Share and opportunities you think they may be interested in. Try and track the support they give, so you can understand the value of your company’s impact.

Your Network

If you can’t help, it’s likely you know someone who can. Speak to your local charities and community groups and ask them what they need; then dig into your network and see if you can make any helpful connections.

Your Products or Services

Do you have any surplus products, end-of-line items or even packages or services you could offer out? If the answer is yes, this is an easy way to give back, without eating too much into your time.


How Do I Know Who Needs Help?

  • Share what you can offer on your website and social channels and ask for responses; be as specific as you can.
  • Research local community groups and charities and contact them directly.
  • Join community Whatsapp groups and ask your neighbours.
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