BizGive joins the call for the Government to support nonprofits. Yet we’re also calling on businesses and it doesn’t have to be cash. Any support you can give, whether it’s skills-sharing or in-kind, is valuable.

Perdita Fraser, board member of the National Lottery Community Fund and several charities, yesterday wrote in the Financial Times of the impossible situation that many nonprofits are currently facing. At the same time as demand for their support soars, their staff and volunteers are locked-down and their revenue is dwindling. 

Perdita, alongside many others representing the charity sector, is calling upon the Government to help ensure the survival of the sector. She raises some very valuable points that it is worth taking a moment to reflect on:

  • A  significant portion of the charity sector is operating on the frontline of the Covid-19 response. From hospices to care homes, homeless shelters to food banks and domestic violence services, the list is endless.
  • After the immediate crisis has passed, it is nonprofits who will play a crucial role in rebuilding a fragile society.
  • Nonprofits support so much of what we hold most dear. Be it community groups, healthcare, arts, sport or education. Most of us depend on them for something.

A survey of 500+ charities by the Institute of Fundraising, NCVO and Charity Finance Group showed 43 percent of charities surveyed have seen a surge in demand for their services, coupled with a near 50 percent decline in voluntary income. The statistics are sobering:

  • 52 percent of charities have reduced existing or previous levels of service, with a further 12 percent intending to in the future.
  • 84 percent think their organisation could play a role in responding to the Coronavirus outbreak, with the majority saying that Government funding was needed to help them do so.
  • 91 percent have already or expect to have their cashflow disrupted, with 62 percent indicating that these would result in reduced charitable activity.

When we all emerge from this crisis, my hope is that our communities will be closer than before; we will think more deeply about our footprint on this Earth from the food we eat to the waste we produce; and our appreciation and gratitude for so many things we take for granted is deeper than ever.

BizGive joins the call to the Government to offer support to our valuable nonprofits. Additionally, we also call on businesses small and large. You can play a pivotal role in supporting causes through this challenging time. And it doesn’t have to be cash. It could be sharing the skills of your employees, donating products or simply spreading awareness among your followers and customer-base.

We all need a silver-living and we all want to start reading some happy news. Let’s unite the Government, nonprofits, communities and companies together, so we can all support each other.

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