Working from home can blur the lines between work and play, which in a start-up is business as usual. Finding time to read a book is a great way to make this divide and my current book is ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell.

The book (still in progress) is roughly about how extraordinary people and achievements, ‘outliers’, become less extraordinary when you look at the platform that people have to reach that achievement. My takeaway from this is that if we consider what platform we personally have, then all of us can become outliers by focussing on discovering our own unique opportunities that can make us an ‘outlier’ – of course in a positive way. At this time we are surrounded by amazing opportunities to make an incredible impact, starting from our own front door.

So about that 1800’s migration…

The book uses an example about people from the town of Roseta in Italy. They migrated en-masse to the US and created a new Roseta in the late 1800s. A doctor, Stewart Wolf, in the 1950s discovered that the rate of heart disease in the under 65s was almost 50% lower than the US average, a remarkable fact given that at that time heart disease was the leading cause of death for US men under the age of 65

The doctor went through all the possible variables, diet, genetics, location, yet could not discern a difference between the Roseta community and others of a similar profile, apart from one attribute: Community.

Families in Roseta were unique in that they spent time together, there was community support, civic societies, shared cooking and further social cohesion.

Why share this book?

  • At a time when we are all locked away from ‘normal’ community life, embracing it in whatever form it can take is vital – important for life itself.
  • We can all make an impact; consider what platform you have and seek out your opportunity.
    • Be it your local street Facebook or Whatsapp support group (the most active chat I have ever been a part of), sign-up and partake. It will be good for your neighbours in need and for your own health and happiness!

How you can have community impact

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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