Conscious consumerism is rising, transforming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into a powerful marketing ally. Here’s why data from your CSR campaigns is immensely valuable to marketing and product teams.

Brand ethics are increasingly fuelling consumer perceptions and decision-making. Some 87% of consumers buy a product because the brand supports an issue they care about and three-quarters support causes they personally identify with.  This means consumer charity preferences expose a fruitful opportunity for marketers to deepen their understanding of consumer motivations and leverage those learnings to nurture more meaningful brand interactions.

Acquisition and Retention

Customer acquisition is 5 to 6 times more expensive than retention. Learning what speaks to your consumers based on their past experiences with your brand is therefore crucial. Share content on your CSR and monitor engagement to understand the topics that resonate with your consumers and use these learnings to tailor your communications and outreach. 

Customer Motivation Analysis 

Motivation analysis is used to discover innate drivers of behaviour, in order to align marketing campaigns to a specific audience. Since some two-thirds of people are motivated to give based on personal, life-changing experiences, discovering what these causes are for your own consumers can be really powerful.

Customer Segmentation

Why not use data on your consumers charity preferences in customer segmentation? That way you can tailor your communications to speak to consumers on a far deeper and more personal level.

Personalised Content

What if your order confirmation email showed consumers the impact of shopping with you, rather than a simple list of purchases? For example, for every £1 spent with your brand, they’ve helped to plant a tree in an urban area. Better still – what if that urban area was also in their hometown?

Go Granular 

Young people are most likely to donate to physical and mental health charities, whereas the over 65’s are most likely to give to hospitals and hospices. Both groups are supporting healthcare causes, but to meet different ends. This shows why a granular understanding of charity affinities can be so important for highly targeted outreach and messaging.

Transparent Communication

How can consumers make informed, ethical choices if they don’t know what you’re doing? It can be tempting to modestly not promote  your good deeds, but CSR catalyses a virtuous cycle – positive conceptions about your company mean greater success and ability to give back. What’s more, consumers want to know about important issues and companies are uniquely positioned to drive this awareness. Be clear in your communications and it’s a win-win-win for your brand, consumers and charities.

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