60 percent of UK small and medium-sized businesses donate to charity every year and nearly all the FTSE 100 (98 percent). Why? For a huge 91 percent of companies, reputation is a key driver for giving back. And their motivation isn’t misguided.

Understanding that people are increasingly voting with their wallets, companies are turning to charity to boost brand affinity. And while ‘giving to get’ can be a controversial notion, companies that do good, do well, and companies that do well can give more. Take Unilever, which last year revealed its most sustainable brands grew 46 percent faster than the rest of the business.

The problem is, corporate giving is rarely implemented strategically. Despite demand and reputation being core drivers, consumers, clients and employees are often none-the-wiser. This is a wasted opportunity for everyone, doing little to serve companies, consumers or charities, who would benefit from wider exposure and support.

Herein lies the opportunity. Companies are uniquely positioned to leverage their wallets and influence to power mass awareness and engagement in good causes. By applying a commercial lens to giving, the real value of charity can be unlocked – for everyone.

This is why BizGive exists. To help companies realise the true benefits of giving by cutting administrative waste and engaging consumers. And it’s a win-win-win for all involved, driving free mass awareness for charities and giving consumers a voice to drive change.

So, where is the waste in company giving and how can your business realise its full potential?

Six Opportunities

Personalise Your Giving

One size doesn’t fit all. Where one consumer loves a latte, another chooses a flat white. Most companies offer choice as standard. Rarely is this applied to their charity work. As personalisation becomes the Holy Grail of marketing, could it also be applied to giving?

Make Giving Relevant

89 percent of consumers fail to see how a company’s giving is personally relevant, resulting in a lack of engagement. Since charity affinities are often rooted in personal experience, brands are missing an opportunity to identify the sweet spot where their own values align with that of their audience. Find this and you’ll unlock a powerful engagement tool.

Cut Giving Admin

Small, local causes are becoming increasingly popular yet many companies continue to donate to a single national charity every year. Unfortunately, hefty paperwork, arduous due diligence and taxing compliance, rules out local giving for many companies.

Tell Inspiring Stories

Consumers love uplifting, inspiring and heart-warming stories. Charity content is often ripe for this. By unifying ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ and marketing teams to craft compelling narratives, companies can connect with consumers on a much deeper level. Even better when this content is aligned to causes you know are meaningful to your audience.

Make Your Giving Visible

A huge 98 percent of the FTSE 100 donate. Consumers think it’s 36 percent. This exposes a huge chasm in what companies are doing and what consumers believe they’re doing. A wasted opportunity when you reflect on why many companies donate in the first place.

Measure Giving on Company Performance

Charities typically measure donation impact as standard. Measuring donation impact on company metrics is more hazy. Yet quantifying the impact of donations on business metrics such as brand affinity, engagement and reach can be very powerful – an easy way to get even the most skeptical of stakeholders behind giving campaigns.

BizGive’s Reason for Being

As governments lock heads on social and sustainability issues and David Attenborough gives us all a wake-up call, consumers are increasingly looking to companies to provide a sliver of hope in a dirty world. Armed with deeper pockets and a wider, weightier influence than the average individual, companies are uniquely positioned to provide this hope – by giving back.

Implemented wisely, companies can leverage their charity to educate, inspire and motivate a new generation of supporters on causes that might not otherwise hit mainstream media. In fact, research suggests 82 percent of consumers would donate to a cause supported by a company it trusts. Simply, giving can transform dis-engaged customers into powerful advocates.

BizGive’s mission is to facilitate this global corporate giving movement. We exist to support companies in donating intelligently by cutting waste and quantifying value. In so doing, we aim to democratise donations so more pennies reach high-impact causes small and large. This blog is our voice to the world. Here we want to provoke original thought, spark honest debate and bring some transparency to a murky world. Join us and join the conversation.


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